There are just 2 weekends left to visit the White Rock Farmers’ Market! We know … we’re sad too! But as much as the farmers’ market feels like a summer activity, it really comes to life in the fall! Fall produce is plentiful and you can’t get any fresher than straight from the farm! In fact, most of the vegetables you see at the market were literally in the ground the day before. And fresher veggies means more flavour in your recipes. Fall is also when local mushrooms start to show up at the market. Mushroom foraging is one of those activities where you really need to know your stuff, so we love it when we see local chanterelles and oyster mushrooms from a trusted market vendor.


Here are some of the in-season fruits and vegetables you might find at the fall market:  squash, beets, pumpkins, potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnips, pears, apples, and more.


And let’s not forget about all of the other yummy items that are “in-season” at the fall market! Chocolate is always in season and often found at the market. Visit the Coconama Chocolate booth for true bean to bar chocolate in a variety of seasonal flavours.  And you’ll want to visit early so as not to miss The Wooden Spoon‘s malasadas! Available every Sunday, in different delicious flavours, these Hawaiian doughnuts are a hot commodity and regularly sell out. Sample a new wine or spirit, from local makers Storehouse Winery, Mainland Whisky and Dragon Mist Distillery. The Cinnamon Whisky from Mainland is sure to warm you up, and Storehouse’s Zinfandel is the perfect choice for mulling season!  And be sure to stock up on baked goods and prepared foods like soup, curries, waffles, and empanadas!



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The White Rock Farmers Market is on Sunday, October 17 and 24 from 10am to 2pm in Uptown White Rock.

Check here for the current vendors list.