Planning a trip to White Rock? Unsure what there is to do in White Rock? Take this short quiz to find out!



  1. What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
    • A) Cotton candy
    • B) Rocky Road
    • C) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    • D) Coffee
  2. Choose the best Disney duo
    • A) Cinderella and Prince Charming
    • B) Mowgli and Baloo
    • C) Tinker Bell and Peter Pan
    • D) Lilo and Stitch
  3. What is your go-to food?
    • A) Spaghetti – lady and the tramp style
    • B) Trail Mix
    • C) Nachos
    • D) Croissants
  4. Who is your number one companion?
    • A) Significant other
    • B) My german shepherd
    • C) My best friends!
    • D) Myself
  5. Currently binge-watching on Netflix:
    • A) Riverdale
    • B) That 70’s Show
    • C) 90210
    • D) Dexter
  6. Favourite all-time movie
    • A) The Last Song
    • B) The Breakfast Club
    • C) Clueless
    • D) Titanic
  7. Your second favourite (after White Rock, of course) BC city to explore is…
    • A) Kelowna
    • B) Revelstoke
    • C) Whistler
    • D) Victoria


  • Mostly As: Romantic walk at sunset with some ice cream
    • On your next trip to White Rock, you and your honey should grab some gelato and take a romantic stroll during sunset along the historic White Rock pier.



  • Mostly Bs: Kayak from West beach to East
    • You’re outdoorsy, so when you come to White Rock, you should check out Feral Board sports and rent a stand up paddle board, kayak or skim board, or David Dreves for some sea kayak, paddle board, or canoe lessons and tours. Ever wanted to learn to fly? Feral is offering the only fly boarding experience in White Rock!



  • Mostly Cs: Enjoy some patio hopping
    • It’s no secret that you like to have a good time, surrounded by friends! What better way to do so than by enjoying a happy / snacky hour on one of White Rock’s many Oceanside patios?



  • Mostly Ds: Explore White Rock’s arts & culture 
    • Splashing in the waves or enjoying a cocktail isn’t your ideal way to spend an afternoon, so next time you’rein White Rock, be sure to explore some of our arts & culture! From exploring White Rock’s history at the Museum, to pensively saunter through the Gallery, finishing off your day with a show with the White Rock Players’ Club. There is no doubt you will find something to fulfill your desires in White Rock.