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Are you bored of your drip coffee from the same spot every day? Do you want to spice up your mornings or study sessions?  Here are 10 White Rock cafes that let you change it up and we think, might change your life. OK, they’re probably not life-changing, but each of these White Rock cafes offers up a little something different than your basic cup of coffee, though you can get that too! 

Islands Cafe
1237 Johnston Road
Craving an island getaway? There’s no need because we have brought the islands to you. Islands Cafe is White Rock’s true taste of paradise. Whether you want a morning açai bowl or an afternoon poke bowl, this is the place to go. Islands has a calm, tropical atmosphere that allows you to really escape, and the beach decor and surfboards that adorn the walls almost make you feel like you’re on a Hawaiian island. Bring some friends to share the fresh flatbread pizzas, enjoy some tropical smoothies and try the Hawaiian coffee (the beans are shipped fresh from Maui!).

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Choco Flowers
14973 Marine Drive
A cute cafe located IN a florist shop? Does it get much better than that? Enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious dessert while you wait for your bouquet to be made, or just visit to enjoy the serene atmosphere. The interior decor is complete with beautiful succulent and flower displays and guests can relax to the sounds of a calming water fountain. Whether you just want a nice place to sit or a cute insta photo, Choco Flowers will not disappoint.


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Verandah – Cafe by the Beach
#3B – 15782 Marine Drive
Verandah, tucked away in a heritage building in East Beach, is considered one of the hidden gems of White Rock Beach. The owners have created a lovely atmosphere and serve exquisite food with an Indian twist. Enjoy an amazing Chai Tea and settle into a seat by the window for spectacular ocean views.

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Clancy’s Tea Cosy
#6 15223 Pacific Avenue
High tea by the beach? Yes, please. Clancy’s has a delicate atmosphere and a wide variety of teas to choose from. The interior is decorated like a traditional tea room and guests can enjoy a three-tier lunch featuring mini croissant sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, homemade fluffy scones with clotted cream and jam and peppermint brownies, lemon tarts and cranberry white chocolate bars for dessert. 


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Laura’s Coffee Corner
15259 Pacific Avenue
Laura’s Coffee Corner is where the locals grab their lattes!  They’re well known for their freshly baked treats and creative latte art, and don’t forget to try the sour cherry scones made by the legendary Laura herself! The atmosphere is complete with tropical plants, art on the walls and an insta-worthy coffee shop sign.


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Crazy Cows Ice Cream
14971 Marine Drive
Rule number one: Never walk past Crazy Cows if you are counting calories. It smells so good that no amount of self-control can stop you from grabbing something. And while it says “ice cream” in the name, rest assured that you can also pick up a delicious macaron and an excellent cup of coffee. All their gelato is made by hand in-store and the flavours change to reflect what is in season. 


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Hillcrest Bakery & Deli
15231 Thrift Avenue
Do you miss going to Hillcrest Bakery on Johnston Road? Good news, it’s not gone, just relocated! You can find the new location right beside Bean Around the World. They still have their legendary baked goods and deli. Check them out for a coffee, savoury snack, and some baked goods.  Or enjoy a spot of tea every Monday during the summer at their High Tea Mondays (reservations required)!


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Bean Around the World
1400 Johnston Road
This coffee shop has a beautiful glass exterior that allows you to watch the world go by while savouring your coffee, or snag one of the colourful Adirondack chairs out front and soak up the sunshine. Hot, iced, frapped or dairy-free, the choices are endless and you’re guaranteed to walk away with the perfect cuppa. It is a great place for an afternoon date or meeting!


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Tabletop Crepes & Games
1369 Johnston Road
Tabletop Crepes is so much more than a coffee shop! Enjoy your crepe or, if you’re not a crepe lover (is there such a thing?) they also make great sandwiches, while enjoying a fun family game night, a date or even a night out with friends. They have a huge selection of board games, host trivia nights for classics such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and this is the place to get your Dungeons & Dragons fix. And they make a pretty great cup of coffee!


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Yucca Tree Cafe
1347 Johnston Road
All-day breakfast. How much better can it get? Everything at the Yucca Tree Cafe is homemade. From their specials to french toast and waffles, there is plenty to choose from if you are in the mood for breakfast. In addition, they have a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and soups on their menu. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with these handcrafted specials!


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