Brunch. Is it purely a weekend indulgence? Or can every day be a brunch day? And what time is “brunch-time” anyway? Well, the folks at the Wooden Spoon Co. in White Rock know that every day is most definitely a brunch day and they’re on a mission to serve up the tastiest brunch you’ve ever had!

The Wooden Spoon Co. - Brunch in White Rock

The Wooden Spoon Co. is a hip brunch and bistro with character, located in the heart of uptown White Rock. Their food philosophy is focused on fresh, house-made dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. This isn’t your typical brunch fare! Favourites include Nana’s House French Toast (stuffed french toast made with thick-sliced brioche a sweet coconut milk egg wash and stuffed with Nutella and bananas) and the Wooden Spoon Poutine (fries, bbq pulled pork, cheese curds, home-style gravy, crispy jalapenos, two sunny-side-up eggs and salsa). And they’re transforming those ingredients into stellar dishes that keep regulars coming back for more and turn first time diners into regulars! With a fun kids menu and a play area in the back, this quirky and fun brunch spot is suitable for kids of any age.

The Wooden Spoon Co. - Brunch in White Rock

We reached out to Graham Racich, General Manager of the Wooden Spoon Co. to find out more about what makes the bistro such a special part of the White Rock community!

EWR –  How long has the Wooden Spoon Co. been a part of the White Rock community?

GR – We have been here since 2014 as the Wooden Spoon, but the roots go back further.

EWR – What made you decide to open a restaurant in White Rock?

GR – One of the Partners families owned property in White Rock and we thought White Rock was the perfect community to try our pilot project.

The Wooden Spoon Co. - Brunch in White Rock

EWR – Tell us about The Wooden Spoon. What type of food and atmosphere can diners expect? Do you do special events that you want readers to know about?

GR – We are a Canadian comfort bistro, focusing on brunch. We have the best happy hour from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 10:00 am, where we offer our Benny’s, Farmhouse Breakfast or Famous Sweet & Salty (thick-cut french toast topped with double-smoked bacon, aged cheddar, two poached eggs, hollandaise & maple syrup) –  for $7.99. We also open for private functions and events in the evening, and on the last Friday of every month, we host a pop-up dinner event with changing themes. (Follow The Wooden Spoon Co. on Instagram or Facebook to get updates about their awesome pop-up dinners)

EWR – We’d love to know how it all began! Where did your love of food originate from and how was it fostered?

GR – The kitchen is the heart of a home and food brings family and friends together. While growing up, the smells, sights and sounds from our kitchen during big family dinners or even a quick weekday pizza night always captivated. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about the problems of the day when you see someone’s face light up after trying a sauce that has been cooking for 6 hours!

The Wooden Spoon Co. - Brunch in White Rock

EWR –  What were your favourite childhood dishes growing up?
GR – Breakfast: French toast with cinnamon & sugar. Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk (the milk has now been substituted for a bowl of tomato soup). Dinner: Pasta and meatballs … a big plate of pasta and meatballs.

EWR – How do you feel about White Rock’s culinary scene?
GR – It’s great to have the diversity of restaurants we have. And now to have a couple of local breweries as well … it’s amazing!

EWR – What tips would you give an aspiring chef or a small business owner?
GR – Stick to your guns and stay focused. If you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.

The Wooden Spoon Co. - Brunch in White Rock

EWR – Besides cooking do you have any hobbies that you’re passionate about?
GR – Woodworking and carving. There are a number of spoons that I carved as bill holders around White Rock. (Perhaps a clue to the origin of the bistro’s name!?)

Visit The Wooden Spoon Co. daily from 9 am – 3 pm. They don’t take reservations, but if there isn’t a table available when you arrive, they are happy to put your name on a priority waitlist.

15171 Russell Avenue
Phone: 1-604-560-6018