Even though White Rock is a small city, it is one of the most popular cities to visit in Metro Vancouver. White Rock has beautiful views of the islands and clear views of the water and the sky. It is a great place to wind down and enjoy the passing clouds. The weather has been amazing to enjoy the outdoor feel and here are the top 5 attractions to see in White Rock along with the gorgeous view.

White Rock Beach

The beach is the most popular and known to locals and tourists. So come down and enjoy the sandy beach during low tide. Bring picnic baskets and have a picnic on the beach. Or bring your own shovel and bucket and build a sandcastle.
If the tide is high, then enjoy a swim in the warm water of White Rock Beach. Don’t forget your swimming gear!

Photo Credit: @riceisnice8

White Rock Pier

The length of the Pier is about 470m / 1,542 ft. Walk down the beautiful Pier, but don’t forget the ice cream/gelato from one of the amazing local ice cream/gelato shops along Marine Dr.: Dolce Gelato, Cones, or Scoop. The end of the Pier has a beautiful view of the surrounding area. During the day the islands and clear blue sky is the amazing view to see. But during the evening you don’t want to miss the amazing sunset behind the peninsula.

Photo Credit: @elecfoto

White Rock Promenade

Walk along the promenade which is 1.36 miles/2.17 kilometres. They say if you grab a gelato and walk down from one end of the promenade to the other it’s as if you didn’t have a gelato. All the calories are lost. So what do you have to lose, go ahead and have some gelato. Enjoy the view as you walk along the promenade and don’t forget to whip out your camera to take breathtaking pictures.

Photo Credit: @arvinkalaw

The “White Rock”

Yes, there is actually a “White Rock” in the city of White Rock. If you walk towards East Beach from the Pier, you will see a big “White Rock” along the promenade. The “White Rock” is a glacier deposit which was carried here from the Coast Mountains during the last ice age. The rock is very light in color, but does receive an annual coat of paint from the City of White Rock. So take picture by the “White Rock” to show everyone where you’ve been.

Photo Credit: @erin.ocampo

Totem Park

The Totem Park is on East Beach with a beautiful view to enjoy along the garden. The park is a popular spot for those who visit the beach because of the view. There are two totem poles at the park for everyone to enjoy the detail artwork of both. Each totem pole is significant, head down to East Beach to find out the significance of each.

Photo Credit: @tmcoutu

Clock Tower

Depending on which clock tower you would like to see White Rock has two beautiful clocks in the city. The first clock tower is at the White Rock Pier. Head up the stairs across from the Pier and there is the clock tower with an amazing view. The clock was made by a local business and donated to White Rock by the Rotary club.

Photo Credit: @whiterock_realtor

Looking for more of a city feel? Then head up to the downtown core along Johnston Road where you will see a beautiful tower that chimes every hour and a half from 9 am to 6pm. Take a stroll down the street and visit the shops along Johnston Road.

** Please keep in mind, dogs are not allowed on the White Rock promenade or the beaches **