Nothing quite defines a visit to White Rock more than a visit to the beach and a stroll on the historic White Rock Pier! And we are celebrating the re-opening of this beloved landmark with yet another contest! This time we are inviting you to share your favourite memories of the pier!

The contest started last week and will run for 4 weeks. Each week we will give away a prize package of dining gift cards to select White Rock eateries, valued at $100.  Details about how you can enter the contest are at the bottom of this post.

One of the most wonderful things about this contest has been reading your memories of visiting White Rock and the pier, and we thought we’d share a few of our favourites each week!


Upon my stroll on White Rock Pier,
Stars above the night sky clear,
Ocean so calm under moonlight,
A view to warm my hearts delight,
Each step allows me to dream,
Guided by the gentle moonbeam,
The pier connects us to nature,
Captured by a timeless picture,
Thank you for the Magic each night and day,
Walk, stroll, laugh and play,
White Rock’s pier is here to Stay!
~ Susan Rind

“Beautiful and quiet sunset, with warm sunshine and at the same time a cold breeze gives you happiness.”
~ Oleksandr Smirnov | PhotoWorldToday

When I was a very young child mom accepted the neighbours offer to spend a couple of weeks in their cabin at White Rock. It was the summer of 1949. Dad drove mom and seven kids out there in his model A, loaded to the gunnels with blankets, food, clothing and even a baby buggy. Noone got to have vacations at the beach in those days, so this was going to be a real treat. I had never seen the ocean before so this was all new to me. We found their property, it was mostly bush, with a two room shack. One room had a couple of mattresses in it on the floor. We found out soon enough why the mattresses were both in one room, the other one leaked. It took us another week to find the outhouse! The beach was beautiful, just as it is today. I fell in love with the ocean, the fun we had building sand castles and picking shells. Our “cabin” was only a short walk to the beach, so we were able to go nearly every day. I loved how warm the water felt. I think I remember fish and chips even back then and ice cream cones. It turned out to be certainly one of my memories that will always be precious to me. White Rock will always be special to me.
~ Donna Hamill Dodgson

One of my favourite memories of the White Rock Pier is many years ago when I was a teen, my friends and I often went down to White Rock beach and the pier. One summer evening we all sat under the pier when the tide was out and sang Queen’s “We are the Champions” at the top of our lungs ~ good times!
~ Carmen Braun

Fishing and crabbing off the pier with my Dad as a small kid. One time I caught a big mud shark, and it pulled my rod apart. I was so upset to lose my rod and the only fish I ever caught that I tried to make my dad jump over the rail and swim after it. He didn’t. I was about 5.
~ Karen Ilett Creech

I moved here from Germany. White Rock was the first town I lived in, in Canada! I fell in love with the city the moment I saw it.
~ Julia Michel

So many memories! Crabbing with my Grandpa at the end of the pier. Swimming and diving in the tank off the side of the pier. Fish and chips on the beach and waiting for the train to squash our pennies. So many memories….spreading mom and dads ashes off the end of the pier. My favourite place in the world.
~ Linda Wilson-Schmidt

See this guy, standing there like he’s an Adonis. Made Our Day!
~ Liane Kelly

Share your favourite White Rock memory or story to be entered to win!