The Promenade

At 2,194 metres (7,200 feet), White Rock’s promenade runs almost the entire length of the beach, and provides lots of ways to get to the beach and attractions. Known as one of Metro Vancouver’s best walks, White’ Rock’s promenade transports you to another world – the sounds of the sea, the smell of fresh “chips”, and the smiles in the eyes of every passerby all make it a must-do when you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon activity. Even though it is a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike, the promenade is still big enough that it doesn’t feel cramped.

Cool days can be just as fun as a midsummer’s evening – storm-watching has become a favourite pastime for promenade strollers and it can be a great afternoon activity (especially with a warm coffee or hot chocolate). The bay provides the perfect mix of shelter and spectacular sea action on a stormy day and a rainy day contrasts perfectly with an idyllic sunset on a clear day. Regardless of which season you visit, the Promenade is a great activity for a family stroll, a romantic walk, or a quick route to the next adventure.

Take your time and stroll from one end to the other, making sure to stop and check out the Grand Chief Bernard Charles Memorial Plaza that speaks to the community’s strong ties to the Semiahmoo First Nation.

white rock promenade
White Rock Promenade with Family
East Beach, White Rock, BC