When one thinks of visiting the beach it’s usually for sunbathing, swimming and sand. It’s not usually the place to head expecting to see art, but that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing pop up on White Rock’s beaches in recent months. Different from the photographer who captures the beauty of a sunset on film, or a painter who puts their vision on canvas with oils or watercolour, these artists are creating works of beauty with the expectation that they are temporary, soon to be whisked away by an incoming tide, or the hands of a curious child.

The sand, at low tide provides the perfect canvas for local sand artist, PierDoodles, to create her magic. And those that are fortunate enough to come across these intricate, yet ultimately doomed by the tide, designs are delighted and amazed. Thankfully, her artwork is captured by camera by passers-by, and PierDoodles herself, ensuring that we are able to enjoy it long after the tide claims the creations back.

Recently we’ve been spotting stacks of rocks on the beach that seem to defy gravity. From the elegance of a single stone balanced on end, to an intricate rock “bridge” between logs, these amazing sculptures always cause us to pause and reflect. Likely these awe-inspiring creations are the work of an Instagrammer who goes by the username “freeandwildoctopus”, and they are truly amazing, often spurring us to try our hand, with little success, at finding the perfect balance point for our own creations.

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