If there was ever one dish that everyone loves, it has to be pizza! We all have our favourite combinations, our favourite joints and our favourite pizza memories! And whether you’re into the classics like Margherita and pepperoni or looking to shake things up with fanciful ingredients, White Rock has a pizza joint for everyone.

White Rock Pizza Shops

Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizza
#5, 15223 Pacific Avenue | (604) 542-2522

Award-winning Italian style pizza that’s made with a unique blend of vegetable flours and drizzled with their famous house honey butter! The result? A low gluten crust that is absolutely delicious. Choose from a diverse menu of classics and unique creations, like the Pierogi Pizza, Patate Italiano (there are roasted red potatoes on it), or the Curry Chicken. And honestly, it won’t matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Damanio’s Pizza & Pasta
1190 Johnston Road | (604) 541-9400

The menu at Damiano’s is unique and impressive! They offer 20 tasty pizzas on their menu and it sounds like there are plans to add even more! From the “Taco Pizza” featuring lean beef, Italian sausage, sour cream, lettuce, onion & tomato to the “Healthy Healthy” which is a flavour explosion of feta cheese, garlic, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, eggplant, & cauliflower, you’ll be sure that everyone will find something they like at Damiano’s

Uptown Pizza
15150 North Bluff Road | 604-385-4455

With over 40 different pizzas on their menu, Uptown certainly take the prize for most choices!  Take a trip around the world and order pizzas with the flavours of Mexico, India, Italy, Spain, Greece and more!  Like a veggie pizza, but want a ton of flavour? Uptown has got you covered with their Veggie Korma Pizza, a perfect balance of Korma sauce, spinach, onions, banana peppers, tomatoes & paneer.

Beach Break Pizza and Curry House
15565 Marine Drive | 604-559-1556

Want something different than fish & chips on the beach? Pick up some pizza at East Beach on Marine Drive and take it out for the perfect beach day picnic.

Fresh Slice Pizza
1113 Vidal Street | (604) 560-5000

This is a great option if you want delivery, pick-up or just a quick slice at the beach. You can also order online for your convenience. A great location and great prices.