For many, a visit to White Rock is walks on the pier, lazy days on the beach, fish and chips for lunch and ice cream cones. But did you know that just a few blocks up from the ocean, Uptown White Rock is home to a thriving community of shops, restaurants, cafes and public art? And that, while we really do love fish and chips and ice cream, there is so much more to taste and discover in White Rock’s dining scene.

Local tour operator, Chew on This Tasty Tours, knows all the tastiest spots and they want you to explore the deliciousness that awaits away from the oceanside strip in Uptown White Rock. Allow us to introduce you to “The Beach and Beyond”, a walking food tour of Upper White Rock. And, there just may be a little visit down to the beach as well!  This “magical mystery tour” will lead you from one yummy hidden gem to the next, but exactly which hidden gems you’ll be visiting is a closely guarded secret until you receive your treasure map itinerary.

Chew on This Tasty Tours - White Rock Food Tour

The tour covers a total of 1 km from start to finish, and is an easy stroll with many stops to sip and savour, and shop, along the way!  At each stop, you’ll be greeted by destination hosts, owners and chefs, who can’t wait to share their stories.

At the end of the tour, you’ll have a full and happy belly and a greater appreciation of all that White Rock has to offer.

Book your Bites Beyond the Beach walking tour today and get ready to discover White Rock in a whole new way!

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All photos courtesy of Chew on This Tasty Tours.