One of the things we love about being near the ocean is the excitement of a good storm. When fierce winds, pelting rain and the Pacific Ocean combine, the results can be truly spectacular.

Pier Storm - Credit: ssjtran

Credit: @ssjtran via Instagram

The sky transforms, waves crash onto the beach, and seabirds dance in the wind. And with the appropriate outerwear and a sense of adventure, there’s nothing like a good walk on the beach during a winter storm. Leave the umbrellas behind, pull on your rubber boots, layer up (you’re going to want to stay warm), put on a good raincoat, grab a hot chocolate or a coffee and head out to experience the power of the elements. Walk the beach from end to end and then head back along the promenade, or just head out to the end of the pier to really feel the impact of the wind and be sure to watch for adrenaline-seeking kite surfers who race to the beach to take advantage of the high winds.

Storm - waves - seagull - graycious_lise

Credit: @graycious_lise via Instagram

When you’ve had enough of the great outdoors because let’s be real, it’s cold out there, White Rock’s waterfront restaurants are keeping patio season alive with heaters, cozy blankets and awnings so you can cozy up, enjoy a fabulous meal and watch Mother Nature at her best. As one of Greater Vancouver’s best patio scenes, there is a perfect seat with a view of the action waiting for you and cozying up on a warm patio is a perfect rainy day activity. See below for a list of restaurants with heated and covered patios.

Storm - Kite Surfer - vikliciousg

Credit: @vikliciousg via Instagram

Restaurants with heated and covered patios:

West Beach

Charlie Don’t Surf | 15011 Marine Drive | 604.538.1988

Five White Rock | 15047 Marine Drive | 604.538.8153

Jan’s on the Beach | 14989 Marine Drive | 604.531.5444

Primo’s Mexican Grill | 15069 Marine Drive | 604.385.2223

The Ocean Beach | 14995 Marine Drive |  604.385.9977

Uli’s Restaurant | 15023 Marine Drive | 604.538.9373

East Beach

Finlays East Beach Cafe | 15611 Marine Drive | 604.538.5640

Washington Avenue Grill (enclosed sunroom) | 5 – 15782 Marine Drive | 604.541.4244

Zapoteca Mexican Grill & Seafood | 15495 Marine Drive | 604.536.6677

Credit: lisamallen123 via Instagram