White Rock is a beach town, at least that’s what most people think when they think of White Rock. But did you know that White Rock is also home to a thriving arts & culture scene? Musicians, painters, potters and photographers all call White Rock home. You can find artwork, waiting to be discovered, around almost every corner, whether it’s sculptures, hydro boxes, lamp standards or hidden “rainy day only” artworks. One of our favourite forms of public art is the colourful murals that adorn the sides of many buildings throughout the city.

Here’s our guide to White Rock’s murals:

Coastal Landscape
Location: Uli’s Restaurant, 15023 Marine Drive
This coastal landscape mural by Vancouver based graffiti-artist ‘Craver’ adorns the side of Ulis Restaurant and depicts rugged old-growth trees and as an ode to the West Coast forests of British Columbia.

Photo Credit: Michael Vanarey

Blue Frog
Location: Blue Frog Studios, 1328 Johnston Road
Created by artist, Elizabeth Hollick, Blue Frog’s mural represents the activities and events that occur in the studio and the seaside lifestyle of White Rock.

Photo Credit: @maekoliu | Instagram

Whale Wall
Location: 15248 Russell Avenue
This mural of a gray whale family accompanied by Pacific bottlenose dolphins is possibly White Rock’s most recognizable mural. It was created by artist Robert Wyland in 1984 as part of the Wyland Walls campaign to increase appreciation for aquatic habitats.

Photo Credit: @dnccall | Instagram

Artist-Inspired (4Cats Mural)
14700 Marine Drive (next door)
This small utility building along West Beach sports murals on each of it’s 4 walls. The walls were painted in 2012 by artists from 4 Cats Art Studios in White Rock and South Surrey and each wall was inspired by the works of Monet, Van Gogh and Norval Morrisseau.

Photo Credit: Violet Nesdoly

The Wonderful Year We Fell in Love
Location: Coast Capital Playhouse, 1532 Johnston Road
The Wonderful Year We Fell in Love, was painted by artist Elizabeth Hollick in 2014 on the outside wall of the Coast Capital Playhouse. It pays homage to, and depicts, the unforgettable characters from the annual pantomime of the White Rock Players’ Club.

Photo Credit: Sonia Clark

West Beach
Location: corner of Marine Drive & High Street
Another wonderful piece of work by artist Elizabeth Hollick, this colourful mural is located across the façade of a retaining wall on West Beach and was designed to welcome the Olympic flame to White Rock in 2010 during the Olympic Torch relay. The famous White Rock and other signature White Rock icons are pictured.

Photo via Google Maps

Semiahmoo Arts Mural
Location: Semiahmoo Arts Building (14601 20 Ave, Surrey)
Created in 2014, Richard Tetrault’s mural portrays a variety of culturally based images to showcase the diversity of arts in White Rock. This collaborative mural involved local artists, Mallory Donen, Adam Lipschultz, Jeff Wilson and Jolayne Devent, who designed and drew the images on the south facing wall.

Photo Credit: Richard Tetrault

White Rock Travel Mural
Location: 1472 Johnston Road (alley)
This mural by artist, Elizabeth Hollick, is a whimsical look at different cultures and wonderful places to travel, adorns the side alley of White Rock Travel.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Boat Yard Mural
Location: Corner of Vidal Street & Victoria Avenue
Tucked away in a small parking lot just one block from the beach is a beautiful mural by late artist Judy Jordinson. The mural, now a little faded, which adds to the nautical subject matter, depicts a quaint shipyard.

Photo Credit: Sonia Clark

Spirit Bears
The Spirit Bears, although technically not murals, stand at 7 feet tall and are true works of art. There are 3 Spirit Bears around the community, each painted in very different motifs! The Spirit Bears were a public art project by the BC Lions Easter Seal Operation and Canucks for Kids Fund in support of children’s health and wellness.
14600 North Bluff Road – Elizabeth Hollick
1475 Johnston Road – Elizabeth Hollick
15342 Buena Vista Avenue – Deborah Putman

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